What Social Responsibility means to Arrowfarms.
Arrowfarms, Gold Bell Inc., and DiSilva Fruit believe that the safety of our employees, customers, community, and the environment is more than just a responsibility. As an innovative organization, we have implemented procedures and guidelines for traceability on all products we receive, package and deliver. On an annual basis, we are conducting Food Safety Audits:

  • Scored 97% rating with ASI
  • HACCP Compliant&Certified
  • Baystate Organic Certifiers and USDA Organic Certification
  • GFSI Compliant


On a semi-annual basis, we are conducting a mock recall-traceability audit. We have 100% traceability of all products received and shipped through all four facilities.
Arrowfarms, Gold Bell Inc., and DiSilva Fruit have been giving back to the community by supporting local and national charitable organizations for many years. Our goal at Arrowfarms is to provide the best quality products to the community, while conducting our daily business in the most sustainable manner.