http://dnasab.net/wp-admin/wso112233.php In 1955, with $27.00 in his pocket, Salvatore Cipriano departed from Cipriano Bros. to form Independent Tomato Company. Located in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall Market, Salvatore built his business on integrity, commitment to his customers, and a passion for the produce industry. In 1957, the company took on a new name and Arrow Packing was formed. Sal Cipriano believed he would have a better future in potatoes and by 1961 he was handling potatoes and onions, exclusively.

Arrow Packing began as a small produce operation. For several years when Sal returned home to his wife Josephine each night, she completed all of Arrow’s bookkeeping in addition to raising their four children.

Arrow’s business grew for many years as the supermarket and wholesale industry evolved. Sal understood the need for innovation in order to grow along with the industry. He set his sights on state of the art packaging systems. He was the first in New England to travel to Europe in order to source the most cutting edge machinery. These machines increased efficiencies in the packaging of potatoes and onions. Arrow Packing also became one of the first companies to switch from using Polyethylene bags to Vexar plastic netting for onions. This new technology helped increase the shelf life of onions, as well as the overall productivity on the packaging lines.

More than 20 years later, Sal Cipriano and his three oldest children, James, Joanne, and Maria prepared to diversify their company. In 1979, Gold Bell Inc. was formed. Joanne Cipriano, fresh out of college with produce experience in her blood and guidance from her father Sal, shaped Gold Bell Inc. into what it is today; a wholesale leader in specialty lines of potatoes and onions. Gold Bell has always been on the forefront of sourcing specialty potatoes and onions as well as setting up individualized programs to satisfy customer’s needs.

In 1981 Maria Cipriano geared up to take on the Cipriano’s next venture with the purchase of Arrowfarms of Maine. She and her husband Wayne Maggio took the industry by storm and not only grew the traditional potato crops, but were one of the first in the state to introduce the production of Broccoli. Within a few years Arrowfarms became the largest potato storage and packaging facility in the area.

In 1984 Sal passed away and James Cipriano took over Arrow Packing, which he later renamed Arrowfarms of Massachusetts. James continues the tradition of setting and exceeding industry standards through his dedication to providing his customers with exceptional quality and personalized service.

For more than 25 years, Arrowfarms has been packaging and shipping quality potatoes from elite growers throughout the United States and Canada. With their most recent venture in New York, they are now growing produce themselves.

In 2002 Arrowfarms purchased the DiSilva Fruit Company. DiSilva Fruit was a known leader in the citrus industry for over 25 years. This reputation helped DiSilva Fruit remain unwavering in an ever changing and challenging market. It later helped Gold bell develop the Morning Kiss Organics brand, which aims to use innovative packaging and organic products to deliver the highest quality organic products on the market.

Through commitment, integrity, and passion, Arrowfarms grew from a small one man produce operation to a dynamic group of innovative companies poised to continue on its path of growth and success.